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A special monent with a hedgehog

Let’s hang out with hedgehog!!

『Cafe・Hedgehog Tsun Tsun』is place that you can touch a hedgehog and spend wonderful time with them.
Lovely and cute our hedgehogs can heal your stress. Please enjoy their cuteness and have a great experience with them!


how to play

Besaide seeing a hedgehog, you can touch and hold with them.
And also you can feed them a snack too.
Please ask our staff how to treat them, we will instruct you.



Animal handling business representation
Animal handling business registration number No.117A001 / No.117E002 / No.117C003 / No.117B008
Corporate name Tsun Tsun Bun No Ringo
Location of business office saimaru buldking#1F 1-12-26 katamachi Prefecture Kanazawa Ishikawa Japan
Animal handling business sale and exhibition
Animal-handling officer Yasutake Tomomi
Registration period and validity period Aipr 07/2017~April 06/2022


From East Terminal at Kanazawa Station.

■ From East Terminal at Kanazawa Station.
・By Local Bus : Get off 「Katamachi 」3 min by walk , 「Korinbo」5 min by walk.
■ By Machi Bus (Only weekend and Hohlidays available 」
・From #5 Bus stop at East terminal of Kanazawa station and get off at 「Katamachi : Tatemachi」 3 mini by walk.

■ By taxi :
・From East terminal of Kanazawa station 10 min

■ By car :

・From Knazazawa-West I.C 15 min
・From Kanazawa-East I.C 20 min.

・ From 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa about 10min.
・Kenroku-en Mayumi Sakaguchi about 15min.
・Nagamachi Buke yashiki District and the Nomura Family House about 10min.
・Omi-cho Market about 15min.